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Fade Away Laser has partnered with Northeast Tattoo in Minneapolis

Fade Away Laser has over 15 years of experience with tattoo removal, lightening, and laser-assisted cover up services. We are excited to work with Northeast Tattoo and their highly professional team of artists.

Tattoo Removal

We don’t just offer tattoo removal. We can also work with your tattoo artist to rework your tattoo for a better quality cover up tattoo. Find out more with a free consultation!

Sessions are typically spaced 6-8 weeks apart. The number of sessions required to remove tattoos depend on multiple factors. Our certified laser technicians will evaluate your tattoo and advise you of a treatment plan.

Quanta Laser Technology

Our Italian-engineered laser system is one of the finest in the world. Quanta laser systems have been used in space missions and to treat delicate works of art. We are experts at tattoo removal technologies, and we have tested or owned nearly every type of tattoo removal laser you can imagine. We are excited to bring a Quanta laser system to Minneapolis to give you the best possible treatment.