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Radiation Therapy Marker Removal

Radiation Therapy Marker Removal

New Beginnings Free Radiation Therapy Marker Laser Removal

Do you or someone you know have cancer requiring radiation therapy? Many types of cancer treatments include radiation therapy in which high doses of x-rays or even gamma rays are directed at the tumor to destroy it. This is precise work and often requires multiple treatments. Radiation oncologists often place small permanent tattoo on the skin to guide therapy known as a radiation therapy marker. Fortunately, life expectancy and outright survival are increasing dramatically. Patients who have survived cancer are often left with radiation therapy tattoo markers as a reminder of their disease. Not everyone wants to bear these reminders and so Fade Away Laser is participating with the American Society of Laser Medicine and Surgery’s “New Beginnings” program to offer free laser tattoo removal for anyone with radiation therapy tattoos.

Who Can Participate?

Anyone with permanent medical tattoos related to radiation therapy treatment for cancer.

What Does It Cost?

Nothing! All sessions required to remove the tattoos are completely free of charge.

How Can I enroll?

Please discuss your interest in removing your radiation therapy tattoos with your oncologist first. Some oncologists recommend keeping the radiation therapy marker in selected patients in the event of recurrence of the primary tumor. However, your oncologist may feel that you are at low risk for recurrence or don’t otherwise need to keep the markers. We ask that you bring a letter from your doctor stating that the markers are no longer needed so that we can remove them. Please make an appointment at any of our locations for free consultation and same day treatment. Please be aware that if you are currently on any chemotherapeutic agents you will also need a release from your doctor to receive laser treatment.

How Many Sessions Will This Take?

We get this question frequently for just about any tattoo removal and the honest answer is that we just don’t know until we get a session or two under our belts and establish a glide slope for removal. Radiation therapy markers may be easier to remove since they are very small and we expect only a small number (one to four) session will be required spaced approximately six week apart.

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