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Fade Away Laser Tattoo Removal

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    About Our Lasers

    Northeast Laser is proud to announce that we now have a Q-switched ruby laser as part of our arsenal to remove your most stubborn tattoos! We continually reinvest in our business so that our customers will have access to the best laser technologies. Don't worry; our low prices remain the same!

    What is a Ruby Laser?

    Tattoos that are difficult to remove include green and blue colors. For an explanation for why they are difficult to remove, see my previous blog article "That Troublesome Green Tattoo." Most tattoo removal lasers contain a Neodymium:YAG laser rod. This type of laser is most effective against dark-colored tattoos, particularly black. When we combine this with an add-on component called a KTP, we can pick up reds and browns more effectively. However, the blues and greens require additional wavelengths not present in basic tattoo removal lasers. Some laser companies use a material called a 'polymer dye' to attempt to manufacture these additional wavelengths from the Neodymium:YAG, however this univerally results in very low power output at the manufactured wavelengths. Consequently, even these lasers have a hard time removing blues and greens. We believe, as do many tattoo removal experts, that a Q-switched Ruby laser is the way to go. We can produce a full Joule of energy from our Ruby laser!

    How Much Does it Cost?

    This is the best part! Because we are using a solid state Ruby, there are no consumable costs as there would be when using polymer dye handpieces. Our low, low prices remain the same, regardless of the color of your tattoo! Schedule an appointment today and let us lighten or remove even your toughest tattoo!