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Fade Away Laser Tattoo Removal

Kare11 News – The Cost to Erase Ink

Interview with Adrienne Broaddus, Kare11 News

Fade Away Laser is excited to have been recently featured on Kare11 News's story "The Cost to Erase Tattoo Ink." In this segment, Kare11 reporter Adrienne Broaddus speaks with Northeast Tattoo & Fade Away Laser partner Aleks Nedich about his journey to be the first tattoo artist in Minnesota to offer laser tattoo removal services. Aleks tells us that when he first started, many people were against the idea. They saw it as sacrilegious to remove tattoos which were intended to be permanent. Aleks tells us while this belief was commonplace, there were so many people with bad tattoos who simply didn't agree and he realized there was a tremendous opportunity to help a lot of people.

Over the years, many other businesses around the country and the Twin Cities have sought to do what Northeast Tattoo has pioneered but with tens of thousands of treatments performed, few if any have reached this level of experience. Along with laser expert and physician Thomas Barrows, M.D., who is a partner in Northeast Laser Tattoo Removal and Fade Away Laser Tattoo Removal, they offer removal, lightening, and correction of tattoos.

In this segment by Kare11 news, you can meet Aleks and some of the staff at Northeast Tattoo & Fade Away Laser Tattoo removal and see some treatments in action.