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How Does Tattoo Removal Work?

How Does Tattoo Removal Work?

How Does Laser Tattoo Removal Work?

Tattoo ink is trapped within cells in the skin.  Lasers deliver a pulse of energy that is selectively absorbed by the tattoo ink, causing it to break apart.  The body’s immune system and lymphatics help to eliminate the tattoo ink.  We have a multi-wavelength Q-switched laser, meaning we can select the best wavelength of laser energy unique to the colors of your tattoo. Watch this short video and understand your tattoo like never before!

What are Your Locations?

Fade Away Laser now has four locations: Northeast Laser in Minneapolis, Highbridge Laser in St Paul, and Fade Away Laser in Duluth & Waterloo Ontario. With four locations across North America, we make laser tattoo removal convenient no matter where you live.

How Many Sessions Are Required?

There are several factors that determine the ease with which we can remove your tattoo including:

  • The density of the tattoo ink in the skin
  • The types of tattoo ink that were used
  • The color of the tattoo ink
  • The presence of pre-existing scarring in the tattoo
  • Difference in skin types

It is not possible to give a one-size-fits-all answer to this question.  Amateur tattoos can sometimes be removed in a single session, however most tattoos will require multiple sessions.  We will need to evaluate your tattoo in order to give you a better idea of the number of sessions that might be required.

How Often Can I be Treated?

The laser simply breaks apart the particles of tattoo ink in the skin; your body really does the work of eliminating it from there.  Your skin will appear to be fully healed within a matter of days, however studies demonstrate that the immune response that elimates your tattoo ink continues to work for six weeks or more.  Receiving laser tattoo removal sessions more frequently than six week intervals is therefore not necessary.

Does It Hurt?

Laser tattoo removal feels like getting your skin snapped with a rubber band.  We pretreat your skin with cooling packs that helps control the pain considerably and also protects the surface of your skin from injury.  Most people tolerate the lasers sessions without much discomfort.  We can take breaks during your session if required.  Every client gets to experience a ‘test spot’ before starting therapy.

What do I do for Aftercare?

Most people who are treated with tattoo lasers will develop a “frosting” appearance on the skin, which is the formation of tiny gas bubbles that make the skin appear white or chalky-colored.  This fades within about 20 minutes.  You will have some mild swelling and redness of the skin surrounding the tattoo; this is also normal and will resolve over a period of hours.  We will sometimes see small areas of pin-point bleeding and occasionally small blisters may form.  If you develop any blisters, don’t attempt to break them.  Simply cover them with a petroleum gauze bandage that can be purchased inexpensively at Walgreens or CVS or drop by and see and we can provide you with one.  If you develop a large blister, please call us for evaluation.  Most tattoos will itch for several weeks after treatment and your skin may feel dry and flaky.  You can use a fragrance-free, perfume-free moisturizer such as Eucerin cream on the area.   Scarring is *very uncommon* with modern Q-switched lasers, however if you develop persistently red, elevated skin  for more than a week, please call us and allow us to evaluate the area as there are medications that we can use to treat the skin to prevent scarring if managed early.

How Much Does It Cost?

Consultations are free!  Our goal is to provide the most affordable tattoo removal services in the Twin Cities.  We never require multi-session contracts or cash up front like our competitors.  We work within your budget and we seldom turn anyone away.  The per-session cost for your tattoo removal will depend upon the size or your tattoo but our prices start as low as $75 per session!

How Do I Get Started?

Simply choose the location nearest to you from our locations menu and then click on the ‘Schedule a Free Consultation’ button. You can conveniently set your own appointment schedule!



Tattoo Removal Time Lapse Video