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Dr Tattoff Leaves Customers Hanging

Dr Tattoff Leaves Customers Hanging

Dr Tattoff Closes Multiple Stores Without Warning to Customers

Well-known laser tattoo removal clinic Dr Tattoff unexpectedly closed many of its tattoo removal clinics across the country without warning to its customers.

Dr Tattoff was once the best-known chain of laser tattoo removal clinics in the United States with clinics just about everywhere. The company closed its stores in the Texas cities of Houston, Dallas, Frisco, and Fort Worth.

Dr Tattoff also closed its Georgia location in Buckhead. One customer there complained that the clinic called her to confirm her appointment time only hours before she showed up to find it closed.

Earlier this year, Dr Tattoff closed its store in Arizona and amazingly, offered gift certificates for clients to travel out of state to its other locations to receive their treatments and most of those stores are also now closed. You heard that right: Dr Tattoff told its customers that if they wanted to continue to receive treatment, then those clients would have to drive out of state to their other stores rather than get refunds.

The common theme from irate former customers is that they were required to pay huge amounts of money in advance of their treatments and then the company only offered partial or in some cases, no refunds. Be very careful if a clinic requires all your money up front! Fade Away Laser has always offered convenient pay as you go services. We never require upfront package payments!

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