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Fade Away Laser Tattoo Removal

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    great coverup tattoo art
    Laser Lightening by Fade Away Laser and Tattoo Coverup by Jack Gribble, Northeast Tattoo

    How Lasers Can Assist Your Tattoo Artist

    A "coverup" tattoo is the application of a new tattoo over an old tattoo. Unfortunately, tattooing isn't like painting a house, where you can simply apply one color over the top of another color. Instead, the different colors of the existing tattoo and the new tattoo must coexist side-by-side. It becomes very difficult, if not impossible, to cover a dark-colored tattoo with anything other than a darker tattoo.

    However, with the use of lasers, we can lighten your existing tattoo to the point that a lighter and more detailed tattoo can be used to complete the coverup.
    bad coverup tattoo
    An Example of a Poorly Done Coverup Without the Use of Laser

    Fade Away Laser was initially conceived as a service to help facilitate better coverup tattoos. Rather than tolerate a world of coverup tattoos consisting of black crows, black crosses, black 8-balls, and black blobs, we envisioned a way to use our lasers to lighten tattoos to allow for beautiful coverups. The tattoo of the smoking gun was far too dark to allow for the application of the beautiful flower tattoo. We used our q-switched Nd:YAG laser to lighten the tattoo over a series of treatments. Northeast Tattoo artist Jack Gribble made the final determination when the tattoo was light enough to perform the coverup. The results were excellent and such a tattoo could not have been achieved without the cooperation of the artist and laser experts.

    Ask us how Fade Away Laser can work with you and your tattoo artist or help you to find a new tattoo artist to get a great new coverup tattoo!