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Beware the laser tattoo removal contract!

Beware the laser tattoo removal contract!

I’d like to take a moment and explain why we don’t bully our clients into signing contracts for their tattoo removal treatments. Many laser clinics require that you pay for your entire course of laser tattoo removal treatments upfront, even before you have had a single session with them to decide if you like the service they are providing. They even offer a “guarantee” which sounds reassuring, that if your tattoo doesn’t come out within a certain number of sessions, then the subsequent sessions are “free”.

Here is the scam: no one knows how many sessions it will take to remove your tattoo simply by looking at it. There are many factors that determine the likelihood of removing tattoos including the color and chemistry of the tattoo ink, the depth of placement, the density of ink, the existence of scarring, your skin type, strength of your immune system, whether you smoke, your overall health, and the care that you will take in protecting your healing skin. So, it frustrates me to hear someone claim, “we can get that out in six session” or “ten sessions” or so on. So what our competitors do is that they will tell you some imaginary low ball number of sessions to get you excited about the time it will take to remove your tattoo but then inflate the price so high that the “guarantee” will also be paid for in the event that you run far over the number of sessions quoted. So, take this example. You have a small tattoo that you’d like to get removed. The contract will offer to remove the tattoo for $3,000 and they make a guess that they can get rid of it in six sessions. If it works, then you end up paying an average of $500/session. However, very few people will have a tattoo removed in only six session, so let’s say it actually takes ten session. Those four ‘extra’ guaranteed sessions only brings the average charge you paid for that tattoo removal down to $300/session still providing a very healthy profit for the clinic.

At Fade Away Laser, we don’t believe in billing people for sessions they don’t need and you can pay as you go, one session at a time. That same tattoo named above may only cost you $150/session at our clinic and consequently, if we remove it in six sessions you end up paying $900 (instead of $3,000) and even if it took us ten sessions, you’d spend only $1500 (half of the contract price). In fact, for $3,000, we would have to provide you with *20* sessions to spend as much of your money as you would have blown on a laser tattoo removal contract. You are better off keeping your money in your own pocket.

Bottom line: we promise to provide you the most affordable service that fits your budget and on your own schedule to save you money.

don't pay for a laser tattoo removal contract

Don’t get suckered!

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