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Best Tattoo Cover-Ups

Best Tattoo Cover-Ups

Betty Boop Coverup Tattoo

Best Tattoo Cover-Ups

by Sabrina Pinksen

Let’s be frank – nobody wants a bad tattoo.

Not you. Not me. None of us.

And artists don’t want to give them either. But unfortunately, they happen.

Experience and wisdom will teach you how to go about getting a proper tattoo. After one bad tattoo, you’ll know to research your artist well and to have a well thought out design in mind. Going into tattoos blind about what you want and expect can lead to disaster for both you and the artist.

Be thorough. Be clear and concise. Know what you want and communicate it. But also be willing to listen to your artist. They know best. Trusting in the artist you choose is going to play a huge role in the outcome of your tattoo.

I often hear from people that they are intimidated by tattoo shops and artists, which leads to customers acquiring bad designs from third parties or not being able to communicate what they want. This leads to bad tattoos, which in turn leads to you spending more money trying to fix them.

And we’ve all been there. We’ve all gotten tattoos that weren’t well thought out, or life experience has changed our perspective about the images we chose to tattoo on our body.

Now we’re left with a tattoo that leaves something to be desired.

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