FADE AWAY laser tattoo removal is a unique business owned and operated by physician Thomas Barrows, MD and tattoo artist Aleksandar Nedich. Thomas and Aleks have been performing laser tattoo removal services for over ten years and are trail blazers in introducing medical lasers into the tattoo industry. With locations in Minneapolis, St Paul, and Duluth, no other tattoo removal business in the state has our experience and success rate.

Our Services

Tattoo removal doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg; Our mission is to provide affordable, pay-as-you-go treatments. Our knowledge, experience, and dedication is second to none. We provide free, no pressure consultations for all prospective clients. We offer tattoo removal, lightening to facilitate a better tattoo cover-up, or correction work for tattoo mistakes!

Things do not change; we change.

Henry David Thoreau


All of our before and after pictures are taken of actual clients. We don't use stock tattoo removal photos as do some of our competitors. We know each and every client personally. You will see realistic outcomes and our photos speak for themselves!

This is an excellent result in removing a tattoo on the side of the neck. This tattoo consists of mostly gray-shading work.  These types of tattoos containing a low ink density are often removed in fewer sessions than tattoos with heavy dark solid fill.

Complete Tattoo Removals

Actual results from actual clients

This is a remarkably quick result.  Few tattoos will remove in just one session as this one did.  Ink depth and ink density are important factors in determining the odds of a quick removal
Simple line work with dark ink usually responds very well and complete removals are possible.
This is another excellent outcome with virtually no visible remnant of the tattoo.
Tattoos composed of gray shade and light line work lends themselves favorably to lightening or even complete removal.  A faint remnant of the tattoo is visible at this stage in the removal.
Finger tattoos can pose problems as tattoo artists sometimes pack a high density of ink into line work.  Our lasers do an excellent job of eliminating tough problems.
Sometimes an old tattoo can clash with a new idea.  The Polynesian tattoo is beautifully designed but the old chest tattoo looks very much out of place.  We've cleared the way to expand the tattoo or simply leave negative space.
Tattoo removal requires patience.  This image shows the progress over several sessions to substantially lighten this tattoo.  A few more sessions may be required to eliminate the last remnants.
This chest tattoo is nearly gone and faint residual elements are only visible on close inspection
This scalp has significant scarring prior to our treating him with our laser.  Scarred areas may be more difficult to treat but we were able to do a great job in removing this tattoo with scarely a trace
Facial tattoos will influence how people perceive you, your job prospects, and really every part of your life.  Few tattoo removals make such a dramatic change in a person's life.
This was a very large tattoo wrapping around the entire arm.  Our results in removing such a large tattoo with barely a trace speak for themselves!
Tattoos can be trickier to remove on clients with dark skin.  There is some change in pigment and texture in areas after the removal is complete. This often improves over several months, but may persist.
We utilize lower power on the thin skin of the neck but the results can really look great!
Those stars weren't so big.  They were really so small; you might think such a thing wouldn't matter at all.
We utilize lower power on the thin skin of the neck but the results can really look great!
Didn't win the spelling bee in high school?  Double checking spelling is a must before committing ink to skin.  This mistake left the 'o' out of 'Minneapolis'.  In this example, we applied several sessions of laser therapy to mispelled portion of the tattoo, then referred the client to another tattoo artist who not only fixed the mistake, but then added additional elements more to the client's liking.

Corrections and Cover-ups

Correcting or Lightening for Coverup

This client wanted to get a different tattoo in place of the tree.  We lightened the heavier elements of this tattoo so that he could get a different design.
This is a great example of a well-executed coverup tattoo.  We only needed to fade this tattoo over a few session in order to achieve the coverup.

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